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Fibozachi - Superior Trading Indicators

Fibozachi - Superior Trading Indicators

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Traders. Devs. Chartered Technicians.


We're traders, we're developers, and we want to help you succeed


Fibozachi was founded by two brothers during the great financial crisis in 2008.  Our aggressively bearish outlook and short positions rewarded us well, but the technical indicators we were trading with were not consistently effective.  No matter what indicators we used, they failed to adapt to volatile and dynamic market environments.


We needed a better solution – we needed trading indicators that actually work


So we took the task upon ourselves.  We invested tens of thousands of hours dissecting charts and identifying patterns, studying code and developing algorithms.  Then thousands more trying to disprove our own findings through back-testing, optimizations, and real-life use by dozens of institutional traders across asset classes.


The result is a collection of superior trading indicators that are
powerful, accurate, and unlike any you've used before


We’ve grown from two brothers helping a handful of traders to working with hundreds of institutional traders.  What we are most proud of is helping thousands of individuals become successful traders.

Today we have a full team of professional traders, experienced programmers, and Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) who bring an extremely high ‘Trading IQ’ to the table.  Led by our chief systems developer, Zachary, they are behind the creation, development, and fine-tuning of each Fibozachi Indicator.


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Why are Fibozachi Indicators Superior to other Trading Tools?


After personally using just about every trading indicator and tool available – and being repeatedly disappointed with their results – we made it our mission to create truly effective trading indicators that improve performance and simplify trading routines.  By analyzing the best (and worst) elements of every trading indicator we could get our hands on, we were able to pinpoint not only how they worked (or failed), but also why.

We understand what traders want from their trading indicators.  And we understand what traders need to be successful.  That's why we constantly receive positive feedback about our trading indicators and success stories about how they have improved trading results for so many of our clients.


You're in Good Company

Our diverse customer base spans over 100 countries.
No matter what you trade, we can help.


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What makes Fibozachi Indicators so effective?

★ Innovative and Important features that you won't find elsewhere ★


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The Trading I.Q. of our TeamTrading IQ

Our team is comprised of professional traders, experienced programmers, and Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) — each contributing unique specialties and market knowledge that we use to enhance our trading Indicators. An exceptional amount of applied research and trading experience is behind the creation and development of each Fibozachi Indicator.

Learn more about our rigorous development process

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Knowledgable and Reliable Customer SupportKnowledgable and Reliable Customer Support

All questions are answered directly by the creators themselves. There is no question too simple or too complex, and we are always happy to help.

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Free Upgrades & No Hidden CostsFree Upgrades and No Hidden Costs

All purchases include a permanent license with lifetime access and free future upgrades.

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Customizable Alerts & Flexible Input SettingsCustomizable Alerts and Flexible Input Settings

Never miss a signal! All Fibozachi Indicators include alerts that can trigger audio sounds, pop-up windows, and email notifications!
They also provide an unrivaled level of customization, allowing them to be fine-tuned to your specific trading style.

Learn more about our Alerts and Input Settings

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Automatic Scanning for Signals and Trend ConditionsAutomatic Scanning for Signals and Trend Conditions

All Packages include "Scanner" versions of each Indicator. Scan for signals and trend conditions with:

• NinjaTrader Market Analyzer

• TradeStation RadarScreen

• MultiCharts Market Scanner

* Scanner templates are also included for your convenience

Learn more about our Scanning Capabilities

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Detailed User Guides & Video TutorialsDetailed and helpful trader guides and video indicator tutorials

Our User Guides are extremely thorough and explain each Indicator's purpose, features, and input settings. Video tutorials demonstrate how to best use the Indicators — from developer insight to expert tips.

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Our Proprietary State-of-the-Art "Divergence Engine"State-of-the-Art

Our Divergence Engine is the most advanced, most customizable tool of its kind. It automatically:

Identifies bullish and bearish divergences

Draws divergence trendlines directly onto the price chart

Issues audio/visual alerts so you never miss a signal

Detects 3 point divergences (long-term) & our proprietary "Filtered Divergences"

Learn more about our Divergence Engine

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Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels "DOBOS™"Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels

DOBOS™ is a revolutionary new feature that calculates the optimal OverBought and OverSold Levels. Instead of relying on fixed or static OB/OS Levels like "80" and "20", DOBOS™ automatically adjusts after each bar — keeping you in perfect harmony with price at all times.

Learn more about DOBOS™

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Superior Accuracy & EffectivenessSuperior Accuracy and Effectiveness

Fibozachi Indicators work. That's why we constantly receive positive feedback about our trading indicators and success stories about how they have improved trading results for so many of our clients. We look forward to hearing how well they work for you!



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