We are developers, we are traders and we are extremely passionate about what we do.

Fibozachi was founded in early 2008 by two brothers who live, breathe and sleep all things pertaining to the markets – specifically, trading. Today, we boast a full team of traders and programmers who bring an extremely high ‘Trading IQ’ to the table. Led by our chief systems developer, they are behind the creation, development and fine-tuning of each Fibozachi Indicator.

How and why are Fibozachi Indicators different than the majority of trading tools available on the commercial market?

Our indicators are the product of an extensive research and development process that includes institutional back-testing and optimizations. Our entire team – in addition to hundreds of our clients – trade with Fibozachi Indicators each and every day.

We understand what an individual wants from their trading indicators. And we understand what an individual needs to be a successful trader. Perhaps this is why we constantly receive positive feedback about our indicators and success stories about how they have improved trading results for so many of our clients.

After personally using just about every trading indicator and tool available – and being repeatedly disappointed with their results – we made it our mission to create truly effective trading indicators in order to simplify our trading routine and strengthen our methods. By analyzing the best (and worst) elements of every indicator we could get our hands on, we were able to pinpoint not only how they worked (or failed) but also why.

Much of the effectiveness of Fibozachi Indicators – and the success that our clients have with them - can be attributed to the fact that our Indicators use a layered and confluence-based approach within their design and function. For example, rather than define a signal based on a specific condition that must occur, we often define a signal based on 3 or 4 unique conditions that must all occur simultaneously. Thereby enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of our indicators, while drastically reducing the frequency of false or unreliable signals (i.e. “noise”).

One important lesson to note is that since there will never be a shortage of trade opportunities that ‘quality over quantity’ is key to identifying ideal trade setups.

We offer several different Indicator Packages and subscription services to cover all of your trading needs .... And should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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