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A daily VIX shooting star and hammer patterns across US equity indices suggests a short-term rally. Here are key levels to watch for S&P and NASDAQ futures ... 


S&P 500 futures and VIX suggest a retest. Technical analysis of their price action suggests awaiting explicit confirmation. Here is what to watch for...

From a technical perspective, Ripple's rapid rise and fall over the past month has been a tale of simple candlestick patterns, trendline breakouts, and volume spikes....

BTC began today's session with a move down to $9945 (exactly 50% off its all-time high of $19,891) before recovering and setting up a potential failed new daily low.

The last two BTC sessions have registered the largest volume since 12/08/16. Yet a closer look at recent sessions that have closed down on significant volume reveals a recurring pattern...


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