Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS)

 Traders frequently overlook protective stop-loss placement and the pyramiding of stops.  All too often, profits are squandered when protective stops are not immediately placed and honored.  Unlike other “static” and “lazy” stop-loss tools on the market today, our Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) utilizes our proprietary “Smart-Stop” technology to help retain already earned profits.


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Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) Trader Guide 

DTS Indicator List


Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) Title

Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) Indicator

The Dynamic Trailing Stop is based on a specific range calculation that utilizes standard deviations of recent price movement; it is NOT just a simple ATR-based stop-loss.

By utilizing our proprietary “Smart-Stop” technology when price consolidates or moves sideways, the DTS pinpoints recent support and resistance levels and remains unchanged until price exits consolidation and resumes moving upwards or downwards.  We have also incorporated the ability to “Round to the Nearest Tick(s)”, so that you can adapt the DTS to each specific trading instrument.  

The Dynamic Trailing Stop is also both interoperable and fractal, meaning that it works with other indicators, tools and systems while remaining highly accurate and robust across all trading vehicles (stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, futures and FOREX) and interval periods of time, tick and volume.



Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) PaintBar Title

Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) PaintBar

The DTS PaintBar simplifies chart analysis and trading by color-coding each bar based on whether price is above or below the DTS.  Not only does the DTS serve as a highly effective stop-loss, but it can also be used to discern the current underlying trend status. 

Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) Trend Status



Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) Comparison



Super DMI Automated Scanning Capabilities

The DTS Indicator Package also includes a special pre-formatted “Market Analyzer” Indicator and template for all NinjaTrader and TradeStation users.  All of the columns, colors and text are completely customizable so that you can personalize it to your own preferences.  As you can see from the screenshot below, using the DTS with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer and TradeStation RadarScreen allows you to quickly scan an entire list of symbols for the most important information in just seconds!  You can also sort the data by any column to organize your scan results into easy-to-read lists.


Super DMI NinjaTrader Market Analyzer

Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) NinjaTrader Market Analyzer


Super DMI TradeStation RadarScreen


Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) TradeStation RadarScreen



The following screenshots show the Dynamic Trailing Stop being plotted with various "Stop Proximity" settings to display its flexibility and accuracy.

SPY Weekly:

Observing the Market Crash, Bottom, and Rally on various "Stop Proximity" settings

QQQ Daily:

Observing Choppy Market Conditions on various "Stop Proximity" settings

EURUSD 60-Minute:

Observing FOREX Market Conditions on various "Stop Proximity" settings



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