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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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  • Why are Fibozachi Indicators better than the default indicators found within charting platforms?


    Default indicators come with default input settings that are neither optimized nor very effective. Fibozachi Indicators not only modify but also synthesize several indicators together to create much more advanced indicators with significantly increased accuracy and predictive power. Our proprietary designs each employ the concept of ‘multiple confluence; whereby multiple conditions across multiple input settings and multiple indicators must each be present before a signal registers. We cannot underscore enough the importance of this concept.

  • Why are Fibozachi Indicators better than all of the other custom indicators out there?


    All of the advanced algorithms that power our indicators / indicator packages are the product of our team of CMT's, the “gold standard” in technical analysis.  As traders, technicians and design developers we have amassed an extensive understanding of not only the conceptual and mathematical aspects of technical indicators but also of the practical aspects of actual trading.  These experiences have enabled us to modify and manipulate our indicators to better diagnose momentum and trend; in other words, we have figured out how to tweak some of the best indicators within technical analysis to be much more predictive, much more accurate and much more robust.

  • If your Indicators are so effective, why would you sell them?


    This is the ‘golden question’ and one that deserves a thorough response.

    Having personally tested the majority of top-selling custom indicators on the commercial market, we remain disappointed with their actual performance and profoundly unimpressed with their predictive value. Wise traders who seek to gain an edge in their daily approach via superior technical indicators are continually bombarded by nonsense claims across the internet. You’ve seen what we mean ... wildly profitable “systems” that show: performance reports with only 18 long trades over 10+ years; cherry-picked charts of who knows what on who knows what time frame; ‘signals’ that aren’t even accurate, let alone predictive; and quote after quote from Bob R. in Albuquerque to Nihad T. in Azerbaijan, each raving about how they are making $xxx per day now (as if that says anything about the tools themselves or means anything about either position or risk management.) If you couldn’t gather it already, we take great offense with such ‘snake oil,’ which only serves to further muddy the already murky waters of technical analysis.

    By licensing our indicators we are not sacrificing their ability or limiting their effectiveness. There is no gimmick within our indicators and they are certainly not ‘one-trick-ponies.’ Rather, they are truly fractal and “work” because of constantly recurring patterns within not only financial markets but also human nature (a topic for another FAQ section). While we do employ many of these indicators in our own system designs, they are only one piece of the puzzle that comprises a truly profitable ‘system.’ And though we do not mean to disparage or dissuade, the truth is that the task of building a highly profitable, robust system is extremely difficult and that anyone who attempts to do so will experience many failures along the long windy path to success.

  • Can Fibozachi Indicators be used to create an automated strategy that may be backtested?


    For those who wish to utilize our indicators within their own automated strategies, we do offer TradeStation and MultiCharts functions that can be used as the foundation for basic trading rules within an automated strategy.  The cost of user functions is approximately 50% of the price of the respective Indicator Package.  Once a strategy is developed with basic buy / sell logic, users can then perform backtests to optimize their systems and increase their Profit Factors.

  • Do you license automated strategies to individuals?


    We only license Fibozachi automated strategies to qualified institutions.  For individual traders and boutique firms, we do offer custom indicator and strategy development programming services for TradeStation and MultiCharts platforms.  Until now, it was nearly impossible to find someone with both the trading experience and programming ability to code / develop your trading ideas into custom indicators, functions and automated strategies with full RadarScreen compatibility.  We specialize in creating or modifying indicators and automated strategies to do virtually anything that you can think of ... as long as your idea is technically feasible, we can turn it into a working indicator or automated system.  To learn more about what is offered or to inquire about project pricing, check out our custom Coding Services page today.

  • Do you employ these same Indicators within your own automated strategies?


    We have successfully incorporated many of our indicators / indicator packages into automated strategies that we license; however, technical indicators themselves are only one piece of the puzzle that comprises any successful automated strategy.  And while we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enjoy similar success, we can say with certainty that it is a matter of your own coding and conceptual trading abilities.  Since we have created profitable systems using our indicators, we are certain that others can achieve similar success if they are similarly dedicated and creative.

  • Can I use an Indicator on more than one computer or account simultaneously?


    TradeStation Users: All Fibozachi indicators are locked to your unique Customer Number; you can login to the TradeStation® charting platform from any computer / PC with your account details and will be able to use the Indicators. However, TradeStation does not allow two different computers to be simultaneously logged into one account. If you are running multiple PC’s with multiple accounts and would like to use our tools on all of them at once, please inquire about discounted pricing options via

    NinjaTrader Users: All Fibozachi indicators are locked to your unique MACHINE ID, which means that the Indicators can only be used on ONE physical PC. Each license will allow you to use the Indicators on two different PCs. If you are running multiple PC’s with multiple accounts and would like to use our tools on all of them at once, please inquire about discounted pricing options via

  • How long will it take to learn how to use the Indicators?


    While experienced traders will be able to understand Indicator strategy rules and guidelines very quickly, it will likely take a few sessions to witness some of the more nuanced subtleties within our work.

    For beginners / new traders who have not traded with technical Indicators (aside from default indicators with default settings, i.e. an MACD (12,26,9) or an RSI (14 interval period)), our thorough user-guides will guide you along the process of installing, formatting and learning the trading rules of each and every Indicator. Once you begin not just using but rather employing our proprietary Indicators, you will quickly realize how we are able to effectively forecast financial markets (stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, futures and FOREX) and how we are able to accurately identify breakouts from support and resistance levels with ease across interval periods of time, tick, volume, and volatility.

  • What markets and interval periods work best?


    All Fibozachi Indicators are designed to be both fractal and interoperable; meaning that they work with other Indicators, tools and systems while remaining extraordinarily predictive across trading vehicles (stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, futures and FOREX) as well as interval periods of time, tick, volume and volatility.

  • What if I purchase an indicator for one platform but then switch to another?


    The cost to transfer one of our Indicator Packages to another platform is approximately 50% of the original product's price.  We don’t provide this transfer for free is because we have no way of confirming that you are switching charting platforms and there are obvious advantages of having the indicators for more than one platform (enables two PC’s or multiple accounts to run them simultaneously).  However, since it is not our intention to extract as much money as possible from our customers, we are willing to operate on the ‘honor code’ and offer such transfers at half the current or original price.


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