Designed to simplify trend-based trading, Spectra Trader™ helps ensure that you trade alongside the underlying trend while minimizing risk

Spectra Trader

The Spectra Trader™ Indicator Package contains a set of trading indicators that are specifically designed to diagnose both the strength and direction of the trend at all times.  The algorithm behind Spectra Trader detects how powerful the current trend is by analyzing momentum, rate of change, ease of price movement, and the verticality of price movement.  By synthesizing all of these measurements, Spectra Trader sees through the ‘noise’ and reveals the true underlying trend.  


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Spectra Trader Trader-Guide

*** Also Includes our Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) -- A $95 Value ***

Spectra Trader Indicators



Spectra Trader PaintBar Title 

Spectra Trader PaintBar

The Spectra Trader PaintBar continuously diagnoses the direction and strength of the underlying trend based on 4 color-coded trend conditions: 

Spectra Trader Color-Coding 

By changing the actual color of each bar that is plotted, Spectra Trader transforms confusing and ugly charts into brilliant, color-coded images that traders can easily decipher.  This helps traders to ‘see through’ all of the nonsense within an issue’s price action, taking a confusing or ‘opaque’ chart and making it truly transparent. 

By simplifying the process of chart analysis, traders are able to quickly dismiss poor trade candidates; resulting in less time spent trying to identify possible trade candidates (cracking hard puzzles), which allows more time to analyze clear trade opportunities (solving easy puzzles).

Spectra Trader Comparison



Spectra Trader Oscillator Title  

Spectra Trader Oscillator

The Spectra Trader™ Oscillator plots a color-coded line that shows a full in-depth perspective of the underlying trend.  By plotting the algorithm’s internal value, the Oscillator enables traders to determine whether the current color-coded trend is either strengthening or weakening.

The main benefit of using the Oscillator is that it can show when a strong bullish or bearish trend is losing steam and approaching a color/trend change.  For example, while the PaintBar may plot several consecutive green bars, only the Oscillator can show if a strong bullish trend is truly maintaining its momentum and strength.



Spectra Trader Scanner Title  

Spectra Trader Scanner

Through extensive back-testing and live daily use, we at Fibozachi have found that the single best way to identify high probability setups using Spectra Trader™ is to isolate trading vehicles (stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, futures and FOREX) in extended periods of uninterrupted trend.  In other words, we try to locate symbols that have been color-coded either Green or Red for several consecutive bars in anticipation of a trend reversal.

The Spectra TraderScanner Indicator does the hard work for you by visually plotting histogram signals (vertical bars) when either Green, Yellow, Orange or Red colored bar appears for the first time after at least “N” number of consecutive bars.  Essentially, this indicator plots user-defined “Key Reversal” bars, which must always plot one bar prior to the execution of any registered setup.



Super DMI Divergence Engine

Spectra Trader includes our state of the art “Divergence Engine”, which has the ability to automatically detect any valid bullish or bearish divergence between the Indicator and Price.  When any valid divergence is detected, the indicator automatically draws a divergence trendline directly onto the chart, alerting you to the increased likelihood of a price reversal.  It also includes fully customizable audio and visual alerts so that you can be sure of never overlooking valid divergence signals again.

Our Divergence Engine is unique in that it is truly the most advanced, most customizable tool of its kind available on the commercial market.  Traders can now take full advantage of the special features that only our Divergence Engine offers:

   Turn Divergences & Divergence Alerts On/Off
   Show “Filtered Divergences Only” Option
   Automatically Draws Divergence Trendlines on Price & Subpanel
   Customizable Color-Coding of Bullish & Bearish Divergences
   Modify “Divergence Lookback Length”
   Modify “Left Pivot Strength” and “Right Pivot Strength” Independently
   Calculates Price Pivots using Closing Price or High/Low Price
   Detects Long-Term Divergences by Using 3 Pivots


Bullish Divergence

Spectra Trader Bullish Divergence


Bearish Divergence

Spectra Trader Bearish Divergence




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