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Spectra Trader Monitor
Spectra Trader™
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Spectra Trader Indicator Package

— Trend-Trading Made Easy —


Spectra Trader Indicator Package


Stop Struggling to Identify the Trend!


Designed to simplify trend-based trading, the Spectra Trader™ Indicators use special color-coding techniques to diagnose the strength and direction of the trend.  Spectra Trader's algorithm detects how powerful the trend is by analyzing:


1)  Momentum

2)  Rate of Change

3)  Ease and Verticality of Price Movement


Fusing these measurements together allows the Spectra Trader™ Indicators to see through the "noise" of erratic and random price moves — revealing the trend of any instrument on any timeframe.


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The Spectra Trader Indicator Package includes:


Purple Tab   Spectra Trader™ Oscillator

Purple Tab   Spectra Trader™ PaintBar

Purple Tab   Spectra Trader™ Reversals

Purple Tab   Spectra Trader™ Market Analyzer (NinjaTrader)

Purple Tab   Spectra Trader™ RadarScreen (TradeStation)

Purple Tab   Spectra Trader™ Market Scanner (MultiCharts)


*** Also Includes our Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) — A $95 Value ***


Silver Tab   Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS)

Silver Tab   Dynamic Trailing Stop PaintBar

Silver Tab   Dynamic Trailing Stop Market Analyzer (NinjaTrader)

Silver Tab   Dynamic Trailing Stop RadarScreen (TradeStation)

Silver Tab   Dynamic Trailing Stop Market Scanner (MultiCharts)


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Screenshot Gallery


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Spectra Trader PaintBar

— Color-Coded Trend Transparency —

Spectra Trader PaintBar

The Spectra Trader™ PaintBar is a visual aid that diagnoses the direction and strength of the trend based on 4 color-coded conditions: 

Green Bars = Strong Bullish Trend

Yellow Bars = Weak Bullish Trend

Red Bars = Strong Bearish Trend

Orange Bars = Weak Bearish Trend

By color-coding each bar, the Spectra Trader™ PaintBar transforms ugly charts into color-coded images that are easy to understand.  It will help you see through all the "noise" on a chart — turning confusing price action into clear-cut trends.

By simplifying the process of chart analysis, you'll be able to quickly dismiss poor trade candidates and identify the best setups — helping you avoid bad trades and saving time in the process.

Spectra Trader PaintBar Comparison

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Spectra Trader Oscillator

— A Deeper Perspective of the Trend —

Spectra Trader Oscillator

The Spectra Trader™ Oscillator plots a color-coded line to show an in-depth perspective of the underlying trend.  By plotting the algorithm’s internal value, the Oscillator shows you if the current color-coded trend is either strengthening or weakening.  This is advantageous since it can show when a strong bullish or bearish trend is losing steam and approaching a color/trend change.  For example, while the PaintBar may plot several consecutive green bars, the Oscillator is able to show if a strong bullish trend is truly maintaining momentum and strength.

The Oscillator includes several innovative features to enhance its effectiveness.  It includes our state-of-the-art Divergence Engine to automatically detect and draw divergence signals and trendlines on the chart — ensuring that you don’t miss a great trading opportunity.  It also benefits from our “Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels” (DOBOS™) that determine optimal OB/OS levels that continuously adapt to stay in sync with the market.


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Spectra Trader Reversals

— Identifying Trends in Transition —

Spectra Trader Reversals

We have found that the best way to identify high probability setups using Spectra Trader™ is to locate instruments (stocks, options, ETFs, fixed income, futures and FOREX) that have been color-coded either Green or Red for several consecutive bars — indicating that they have had a clear, uninterrupted trend.  When these trends exhaust themselves, it often results in a strong price reversal as the bull/bear dynamic shifts. 

The Spectra Trader™ Scanner Indicator does the hard work for you by plotting signals (vertical bars) when a Green, Yellow, Orange or Red colored bar appears for the first time after at least “N” number of consecutive bars (you define the length of "N").  These signals will help you locate trend reversals in their earliest stages to improve your timing while minimizing risk.



Spot Divergences — Automatically!

State-of-the-Art "Divergence Engine" 
— Automatic Divergence Detection —


The Spectra Trader™ Oscillator includes our state-of-the-art “Divergence Engine”, which automatically detects bullish and bearish divergences between the Indicator and Price.  When a valid divergence is detected, the Spectra Trader™ Oscillator automatically draws a divergence trendline directly onto the chart — alerting you to the increased likelihood of a price reversal.  It also includes fully customizable audio and visual alerts to ensure you won't miss any divergence signals.  Our Divergence Engine is truly the most effective and customizable tool of its kind!


Innovative and Powerful Features:


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   Automatically Detects Bullish and Bearish Divergences

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   Draws Color-Coded Divergence Trendlines on the Price Chart / Sub-Panel

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   Issues Customizable Alerts for All Divergence Signals

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   "Filtered Divergences" Mode Detects the Most Powerful Divergence Signals *

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   Identifies "Long-Term Divergences" by Using Multiple Highs / Lows *

Green Checkmark
   Adjustable “Divergence Lookback Length” and “Left / Right Pivot Strength” *


* These proprietary features and capabilities are exclusive to our Divergence Engine — you won't find them anywhere else!


Spectra Trader™ Bullish Divergence (Positive Divergence)

Spectra Trader Bullish Divergence


Spectra Trader™ Bearish Divergence (Negative Divergence)

Spectra Trader Bearish Divergence


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Want to Scan for Signals? It's Easy...

Automated Signal Scanning
— Divergences, Reversals and Crossovers —


The Spectra Trader™ Indicator Package also includes a special "Scanner" Indicator designed to scan for signals and trend conditions using the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner.  And all columns, colors, and text are fully customizable!

As you can see in the screenshots below, using Spectra Trader™ with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner allows you to scan for divergences, reversals, and crossovers across any list of symbols — in just seconds!


NinjaTrader Market Analyzer - Spectra Trader™

Spectra Trader Ninjatrader Market Analyzer


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TradeStation RadarScreen - Spectra Trader™

Spectra Trader TradeStation RadarScreen


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MultiCharts Market Scanner - Spectra Trader™

Spectra Trader Multicharts Market Scanner



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