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Trend-Traffic Monitor
Trend-Traffic™ ft. FIBs™ & Trend-Squeeze
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Trend-Traffic Indicator Package

Trend-Traffic Indicator Package

The Trend-Traffic™ Indicator Package accurately determine the trend, identify support & resistance levels, and issue special volatility-based “Squeeze-Play” signals.  

All of the Indicators are extremely user-friendly, include innovative features, and allow for "infinite flexibility" — ensuring that they are easy to use and flexible enough to be adapted to any trading style.  


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The Trend-Traffic Indicator Package includes:


Green Tab   Trend-Traffic™ Lights

Green Tab   Fibozachi Inflection Bands™ (FIBs™)

Green Tab   Trend-Squeeze Oscillator

Green Tab   Trend-Squeeze PaintBar

Green Tab   Trend-Squeeze Ribbon

Green Tab   Trend-Squeeze, Trend-Traffic™ Lights, and FIBs™ Market Analyzer (NinjaTrader)

Green Tab   Trend-Squeeze, Trend-Traffic™ Lights, and FIBs™ RadarScreen (TradeStation)

Green Tab   Trend-Squeeze, Trend-Traffic™ Lights, and FIBs™ Market Scanner (MultiCharts)


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— Benefits and Key Features —


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“Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels” (DOBOS™)

The Trend-Squeeze utilizes an innovative and proprietary new feature called DOBOS™, which stands for “Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels”.  Instead of relying on fixed or static OB/OS Levels like "80" and "20", DOBOS™ automatically adjusts after each bar — keeping you in perfect harmony with price at all times.  This is a significantly more accurate and effective method of determining the OverBought and OverSold Levels of an Indicator.  Furthermore, the DOBOS™ Reversal Signals are some of the most powerful and accurate of all signals.

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State-of-the-Art “Divergence Engine”

The Trend-Squeeze Oscillator includes a special “Divergence Engine” unlike anything you have seen before.  It is trader-friendly, easy to use, and offers many advanced features, settings, and customizations — making it ideal for both novice and professional traders.

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Issues Various Divergence Signals and Alerts

Our Divergence Engine issues standard divergences, “Filtered Divergences” and 3-Point Divergences!  There are also customizable audio, visual, and email alerts to alert you to each divergence signal!

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Gauges the Short, Intermediate, and Long-Term Trend

The Trend-Traffic™ Lights allow for three different length settings to effectively gauge the short, intermediate and long-term trend.

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Fibozachi Inflection Bands™ > Bollinger Bands

Our FIBs™ improve upon classic Bollinger Bands by identifying breakouts and establishing support/resistance levels!!

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“Squeeze-Play” Volatility Signals and Smoother Trends

Trend-Squeeze Indicators provide a smooth diagnosis of the underlying trend and issue special "Squeeze-Play" volatility signals in anticipation of explosive price moves

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“Gapless Technology” to Ignore Price Gaps

  • At a setting of “0”, all price gaps will be included from the calculations. 
  • At a setting of "1", all price gaps will be excluded from the calculations. 

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Customizable Alerts for Crossovers, Reversals, and Divergences

You can easily activate or deactivate each of the various to prevent being distracted by signals that you aren’t trading.

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Special “Scanner” Indicator & Workspace for All Platforms

The Trend-Traffic™ Indicator Package also includes a special "Scanner" Indicator designed to scan for signals and trend conditions using the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen or MultiCharts Market Scanner.  And all columns, colors, and text are fully customizable!


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Trend-Traffic Lights Indicator

Based purely on mathematical ratios between specific price levels, the Trend-Traffic™ Lights are best used as a confirming indicator and setup trigger.  Using the default settings, the Trend-Traffic™ Lights remain ever sensitive to price change, requiring its user to remain somewhat nimble. However, the various “Length” settings can be modified, allowing you to determine how much price information will be utilized by the algorithm when calculating the trend.

Trend-Traffic Lights Indicator

Green = Bullish

Yellow = Neutral or Trend Transition

Red = Bearish

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FIBs - Fibozachi Inflection Bands

- Fibonacci-Based Bollinger Bands -

Fibozachi Inflection Bands - FIBs

We at Fibozachi have developed a significant improvement to classic Bollinger Bands by modifying them to incorporate harmonic numbers rooted in the Fibonacci sequence.  Bollinger Bands make the mistake of only using the closing price in their calculations — disregarding other important price data.  Though this may seem like a minor difference, using only the closing price can result in skewed and distorted plot values that misleads and confuse traders.  The FIBs™ solve this problem by utilizing an average of the Open, High, Low and Close (OHLC / 4) — resulting in a smoother, more accurate band that identifies support and resistance levels more effectively.


FIBs vs. Bollinger Bands

— Sorting through White Lies —


If you have used Bollinger Bands to trade, then you might have noted, “These cute things almost work once in a while”.  If you have attempted to trade with them, then you have probably realized that they do not provide accurate timing signals.

Whether referring to the “20” period or the “2” standard deviation, these arbitrary input settings simply do not accurately reflect the highly recurring, fractal nature of market cycles.  

Can you decipher accurately timed buy and sell signals out of the Bollinger Band example below?  We can't either.

Bollinger Bands Chart Example

Now look at the exact same chart with the FIBs™ instead of Bollinger Bands.  Unlike the Bollinger Bands, note how the price bars respect the support and resistance of the FIBs™  — as if price knows exactly where they are.  You can also clearly see when price is in an uptrend or a downtrend based on its location and proximity to the Upper FIB or Lower FIB.

FIBs Chart Example



Trend-Squeeze Indicator

- Flexible Trend Analysis and Volatility Signals -

Trend-Squeeze Indicators Cover Photo

Trend-Squeeze is a collection of Indicators (Oscillator, PaintBar and Ribbon) that diagnose and color-code the direction of the trend, while simultaneously detecting extreme contractions in volatility that are known as “Squeeze-Plays”.  Unlike other trend-based indicators on the market, the Trend-Squeeze Indicators have many advanced features and customizations that let you modify and control how the trend is calculated and plotted — making them adaptable to any trading style, instrument, interval, or chart type!

The algorithm that powers the indicators is quite unique because it incorporates the elements of “Inertia” and “Responsiveness” into its calculations — providing "infinite flexibility" to the behavior of the Indicators.  This is incredibly beneficial because modifying the “Inertia” or “Responsiveness” values can drastically change how the trend is calculated and how it appears when plotted.  This enables the Trend-Squeeze Indicators to be infinitely flexible — giving you the ability to hand-craft your own perfect trend-based Indicator.


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Trend-Squeeze Oscillator

Trend-Squeeze Oscillator Cover Photo

The Oscillator provides an in-depth perspective of the direction and strength of the trend by plotting the actual values that are calculated by the Trend-Squeeze algorithm.  This lets you pinpoint when a bullish or bearish trend may be waning and losing its momentum — allowing for more accurate chart analysis and better timed entries and exits.


Beware of Knockoffs and Imitations!


Don't be fooled by other knockoffs and imitations that look similar.  Only our Trend-Squeeze Oscillator includes proprietary features like our state-of-the-art Divergence Engine and Dynamic OverBought/OverSold Levels (DOBOS™) — resulting in an incredibly powerful trading Indicator that is superior to any and all copycats.


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Trend-Squeeze PaintBar

Trend-Squeeze PaintBar Cover Photo

The PaintBar is a visual aid that color-codes each bar to show the direction and strength of the trend.  The PaintBar is beneficial in that it allows for quick and easy trend identification.  Plus it can also help to avoid “chart clutter” since it does not have to create an additional subpanel.


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Trend-Squeeze Ribbon

Trend-Squeeze Ribbon Cover Photo

The Ribbon is plotted as small, color-coded bars in to provide a quick view of the current strength and direction of the underlying trend.  The Ribbon is beneficial to traders who wish to prevent or avoid “chart clutter” as a result from using too many indicators at once.


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Squeeze-Play Signals

Trend-Squeeze Squeeze-Plays Photo

"Squeeze-Plays" are volatility-based signals that identify major contractions in both volatility and Average True Range (ATR).  These signals often result in an immediate and explosive re-expansion of volatility that coincides with big price moves — like a rubber band stretched to its maximum point of tension.

As price moves up and down, you will begin to notice that the distance between the Upper FIB and Lower FIB is constantly changing.  During periods of consolidation or sideways price movement, the FIBs™ will often contract and become very closely together.  When the FIBs™ contract beyond a certain threshold, special Squeeze-Play signals are triggered to alert you to the increased likelihood of a big price move.  When both volatility and the FIBs™ begin to re-expand, price often explodes to the upside or downside — giving you a chance to catch large price moves in just a small amount of time (over the course of the following 5-20 bars)!



Spot Divergences — Automatically!

State-of-the-Art "Divergence Engine" 
— Automatic Divergence Detection —


The Trend-Squeeze Oscillator includes our state-of-the-art “Divergence Engine”, which automatically detects bullish and bearish divergences between the Indicator and Price.  When a valid divergence is detected, the Oscillator automatically draws a divergence trendline directly onto the chart — alerting you to the increased likelihood of a price reversal.  It also includes fully customizable audio and visual alerts to ensure you won't miss any divergence signals.  Our Divergence Engine is truly the most effective and customizable tool of its kind!


Innovative and Powerful Features:


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   Automatically Detects Bullish and Bearish Divergences

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   Draws Color-Coded Divergence Trendlines on the Price Chart / Sub-Panel

Green Checkmark
   Issues Customizable Alerts for All Divergence Signals

Green Checkmark
   "Filtered Divergences" Mode Detects the Most Powerful Divergence Signals *

Green Checkmark
   Identifies "Long-Term Divergences" by Using Multiple Highs / Lows *

Green Checkmark
   Adjustable “Divergence Lookback Length” and “Left / Right Pivot Strength” *


* These proprietary features and capabilities are exclusive to our Divergence Engine — you won't find them anywhere else!


Trend-Squeeze Bullish Divergence (Positive Divergence)

Trend-Squeeze Bullish Divergence


Trend-Squeeze Bearish Divergence (Negative Divergence)

Trend-Squeeze Bearish Divergence


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Want to Scan for Signals? It's Easy...

Automated Signal Scanning
— Divergences, Reversals and Crossovers —


The Trend-Traffic™ Indicator Package also includes a special "Scanner" Indicator designed to scan for signals and trend conditions using the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner.  And all columns, colors, and text are fully customizable!

As you can see in the screenshots below, using the Trend-Traffic™ Indicators with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner allows you to scan for signals and trend conditions across any list of symbols — in just seconds!


NinjaTrader Market Analyzer - Trend-Squeeze

Trend-Squeeze NinjaTrader Market Analyzer


NinjaTrader Market Analyzer - Trend-Traffic™ Lights and FIBs™

Trend Traffic Lights NinjaTrader Market AnalyzerFIBs NinjaTrader Market Analyzer


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TradeStation RadarScreen - Trend-Squeeze

Trend-Squeeze TradeStation RadarScreen


TradeStation RadarScreen - Trend-Traffic™ Lights and FIBs™

Trend Traffic Lights TradeStation RadarScreenFIBs TradeStation RadarScreen


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MultiCharts Market Scanner - Trend-Squeeze

Trend-Squeeze MultiCharts Market Scanner


MultiCharts Market Scanner - Trend-Traffic™ Lights and FIBs™

Trend Traffic Lights MultiCharts Market ScannerFIBs MultiCharts Market Scanner



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