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V-Coils Indicator Package Monitor
V-Coils™ & NR-Breakouts: Volatility Indicators
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       V-Coils and NR-Breakouts - Volatility Indicators

V-Coil Volatility Signal


Want to Predict Explosive Price Moves?


The V-Coils™ & NR Breakouts Indicator Package detects significant contractions and expansions in volatility and Average True Range (ATR).  It issues signals when there is a very high probability for an explosion in volatility - leading to explosive price moves that you can profit from.

These signals often trigger at the end of a consolidation period, leading to huge price moves.  By identifying the beginning of a breakout or selloff, you can maximize your profit potential and minimize your risk. 

The NR-Breakouts Indicator issues “Narrow Range” signals when the High-Low range of the current bar is smaller than the previous “X” bars — often resulting in an immediate increase in ATR and volatility over the next 1-3 bars.


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The Volatility Indicator Package includes:


Orange Tab   V-Coils™ Indicator

Orange Tab   V-Coils™ Market Analyzer (NinjaTrader Users)

Orange Tab   V-Coils™ RadarScreen (TradeStation Users)

Orange Tab   V-Coils™ Market Scanner (MultiCharts Users)


Orange Tab   NR-Breakouts Indicator

Orange Tab   NR-Breakouts Market Analyzer (NinjaTrader Users)

Orange Tab   NR-Breakouts RadarScreen (TradeStation Users)

Orange Tab   NR-Breakouts Market Scanner (MultiCharts Users)



V-Coils Indicator

— Contractions and Expansions in Volatility —

By monitoring volatility and ATR for significant contractions and expansions, the V-Coils™ Indicator accurately predicts explosive price moves before they occur!  


How do V-Coils predict price moves?  It's simple...


The underlying concept behind V-Coils™ is that:

1)  when volatility compresses and falls below specific thresholds

2)  sharp expansions in volatility and ATR are likely to occur

3)  which often coincide with large, explosive price moves

In order to generate it's signals, the V-Coils™ Indicator requires several bars of increasingly compressed volatility.  In direct contrast to Narrow Range and Inside Day bars, when a V-Coil™ signal plots you can anticipate a prolonged expansion in volatility and ATR.


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Compression Signals

V-Coils Compression Volatility Signal

White signals alert the user to a significant contraction, or “Compression”, in volatility. When a “Compression” signal appears, you should be on high alert for the more powerful V-Coil signals because volatility and ATR are primed to explode.

*** While Compression signals often appear just prior to V-Coil signals, it is possible for one signal to appear without the other. There are many instances where Compression bars plot just prior to significant expansions in volatility and ATR without subsequently registering a V-Coil signal.

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Coil Zone Signals

V-Coils Coil Zone Volatility Signal

Yellow signals trigger when volatility has entered the "Coil-Zone" — a threshold that must be exceeded before a V-Coil signal can occur.  These small Yellow bars are akin to a fueling point, where volatility has contracted a great deal and is beginning to expand again, possibly registering the more powerful V-Coil signals in the process.

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V-Coil™ Signals

V-Coil Volatility Signal

Red signals trigger when volatility exits the "Coil Zone" — boosting the probability of a large price move that is led by an explosion in volatility and ATR.  V-Coil signals often trigger alongside Coil Zone Signals (Yellow) or Compression Signals (White).

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Mega V-Coil™ Signals

Mega V-Coil Volatility Signal

Magenta signals trigger when multiple V-Coils register across short, intermediate, and long-term timeframes.  Though rare, Mega V-Coil signals are the most powerful volatility signal because they require a simultaneous increase of volatility and ATR across multiple timeframes.  The appearance of a Mega V-Coil signal is like finding out about a surprise party before it happens — you know in advance both when and where all of the action is going to be!

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Filtered Signals

V-Coils Filtered Volatility Signal

These dot signals are only plotted when an additional layer of technical requirements has been satisfied.  A “Filtered” volatility signal is superior because it is more accurate and has a greater rate of follow-through.

By meeting the strictest of requirements, “Filtered” signals are truly the most accurate and effective of all volatility-based trading indicators.  These signals have an extraordinary track record of predicting drastic increases in volatility and explosive price moves — before they occur!


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NR-Breakouts Indicator

— NR-4 through NR-50+ and Inside Day Setups —

NR-Breakouts Indicator Cover Photo

Narrow Range (NR) bars register when the High-Low price range of a bar is smaller than the High-Low range of all of the previous “N” bars before it.  An Inside Day (ID) occurs when the High-Low price range of a single bar fits within (is engulfed by) the High-Low price range of the previous bar.  Though termed “Inside Day,” the concept is equally applicable across all fixed periods, including time, tick and volume.  Combining these two concepts of Narrow Range and Inside Day bars provides valuable warnings in anticipation of significant expansions in short-term volatility and ATR.

We designed our Narrow Range Indicator to plot color-coded NR-4 through NR-50+ setups as both histograms and text signals.  We also included Inside Bar signals that plot as a single White Dot atop histogram bars. Keep in mind that "Narrow Range - Inside Day" setups typically provide immediate follow-through within the next few bars, so you should not necessarily anticipate an extensive or prolonged expansion in volatility and ATR.

NR-4 tends to be the weakest of all Narrow Range setups while NR-50+ Inside Day bars (NR-50/ID) often precede some of the most powerful price thrusts.  As the duration of consecutive NR bars increases, short-term volatility and ATR continually contracts.  The most powerful Narrow Range setup is the NR-50/ID (the “50” period Narrow Range - Inside Day); these setups display High-Low trading ranges that are smaller than their previous 50+ bars and completely engulfed by their prior bar.  



Want to Scan for Signals? It's Easy...

Automated Signal Scanning
— Finding the Best Volatility Signals —


Both V-Coils™ & NR-Breakouts also include a special "Scanner" Indicator designed to scan for volatility signals using the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner.  And all columns, colors, and text are fully customizable!

As you can see in the screenshots below, using V-Coils™ and NR-Breakouts with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner allows you to scan for volatility signals across any list of symbols — in just seconds!


NinjaTrader Market Analyzer - Volatility Indicators

V-Coils NinjaTrader Market AnalyzerNR-Breakouts NinjaTrader Market Analyzer


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TradeStation RadarScreen - Volatility Indicators

V-Coils TradeStation RadarScreenNR-Breakouts TradeStation RadarScreen


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MultiCharts Market Scanner - Volatility Indicators

V-Coils MultiCharts Market ScannerNR-Breakouts MultiCharts Market Scanner



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V-Coils and NR-Breakouts User Guide

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