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V-Coils™: MTF Indicator
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The V-Coils MTF Indicator

— A Multiple Time Frame Volatility Indicator —

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By monitoring volatility and ATR for significant contractions and expansions, the V-Coils™ Indicator accurately predicts explosive price moves before they occur!  These signals often trigger at the end of a consolidation period, leading to huge price moves.  By identifying the beginning of a breakout or selloff, you can maximize your profit potential and minimize your risk.

The V-Coils™ MTF Indicator lets you track volatility signals across 5 different timeframes, interval periods, and instruments – all from just one chart!  Each row of dots corresponds to a different DataStream, and are color-coded based on V-Coil signals.


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Different Methods of MTF Analysis

— Unlocking New Possibilities —


Many of the most successful traders rely on monitoring several timeframes at once, from the weekly down to the 1 minute.  They do this because using only one timeframe causes most traders to become lost in the "noise" of random price movements — resulting in losing trades and overthinking every decision.  For instance, the trend on a 30 minute chart may be much different than the trend on a 5 minute or 120 minute chart.  By tracking multiple timeframes at once, you'll gain a clearer perspective of the trend and will always know when multiple timeframes are in harmony or disagreement.

That said, the V-Coils™ MTF Indicator is capable of much more than just "Multiple Time Frame" functionality.  It allows for new methods of trading and chart analysis that have never been possible until now!


Use the V-Coils MTF Indicator with:


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Different Time Frames (e.g. 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 Minute)

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Different Intervals (for Tick, Volume, Range, etc.)

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Different Trading Instruments or Symbols

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Your Own Custom “Hybrid” Method



Benefits and Key Features


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Monitor up to 5 Different TimeFrames, Intervals, and Instruments

Choose both the timeframe and instrument for each DataStream — unlocking new methods of trading and chart analysis.  While some traders are familiar with MTF Indicators, only our versions can be used as Multi-Interval and Multi-Instrument Indicators!

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Display Volatility Signals for each DataStream

The V-Coils MTF Indicator displays volatility signals for each DataStream to help you predict huge price moves. 

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Reduce Clutter to Just 1 Chart

Each MTF Indicator is designed to plot as 5 rows of dots with each row corresponding to a specific DataStream.  The row on the top is the smallest timeframe (DataStream #1) and the row on the bottom is the largest timeframe (DataStream #5).

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No More Clicking Back and Forth Between Charts

Most traders waste too much time switching back and forth between charts to check different timeframes and instruments.  The V-Coils MTF Indicator will save you from the constant clicking — making your trading routine more organized and less stressful.

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Save PC Resources by Using Fewer Charts and Indicators

Using multiple charts with the same Indicators is a drain on your PC's resources.  The V-Coils MTF Indicator reduces the strain on your PC — providing a speed boost over other methods of MTF chart analysis.

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Advanced Color-Coding Features and Options

We take color-coding to a new level by giving you full control of color settings for all signals and trend conditions.  Each trader has unique color preferences (and those with color blindness struggle with the common greens and reds), so we enable you to customize everything to your specific needs.


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The V-Coils MTF Indicator

— Multiple Time Frame "Volatility Clusters" —

V-Coils MTF Indicator Cover Photo

The V-Coils™ MTF Indicator is based on the V-Coils™, which generates special volatility signals that often mark the end of a consolidation period, leading to big price moves that allow traders to make larger gains by identifying the earliest stage of breakouts and selloffs.

For those who have experienced the power and accuracy of the V-Coils signals firsthand, the V-Coils™ MTF Indicator takes volatility signals to the next level by identifying "Volatility Clusters" when multiple signals are generated simultaneously.


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"Volatility Clusters"

— The Most Powerful Volatility Signal Possible —


“Volatility Clusters” are the most powerful and accurate volatility signals that we have ever developed and the reason why is quite simple.  Since a V-Coil signal must satisfy several rare conditions in order to be generated, a confluence of simultaneous V-Coil signals across several timeframes becomes exponentially more powerful.  This explains how why you will often see these “Volatility Clusters” just before enormous price gaps, breakouts, and selloffs.


Compression Signals = White or Gray Dots

Coil Zone Signals = Yellow Dots

V-Coil™ Signals = Red Dots

Mega V-Coil™ Signals = Magenta Dots


* Filtered Signals

* Filtered Signals plot a small blue dot inside the other dot signals



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Check out the V-Coils™ MTF - User Guide to learn more!

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V-Coils MTF User Guide


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