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ZMA Indicator Package Monitor
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ZMA - Customizable Moving Average

ZMA: The Superior Moving Average

ZMA Indicator Package


Are you using Moving Averages that adapt to price?

The ZMA™ is the most adaptable and customizable moving average indicator to date.  By using an algorithm that incorporates the concepts of inertia, energy, and responsiveness — the ZMA is infinitely flexible and significantly more effective than other moving averages.


What's the problem with SMAs or EMAs?

Virtually all moving average techniques have just one input setting of length or period, making it impossible for them to adapt to dynamic price movements.  By incorporating input settings for “Responsiveness” and “Inertia”, the ZMA overcomes the limitations of other moving averages and can be adapted to ANY symbol, ANY timeframe or chart type, and ANY trading style.

From slow and steady to zero-lag, there are infinite possibilities that can be achieved by experimenting with the ZMA™ input settings.  Combined with advanced color-coding options and built-in alerts, the ZMA™ is the only moving average that any trader needs.


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The ZMA Indicator Package includes:


Red Tab   ZMA™ Indicator

Red Tab   ZMA™ PaintBar

Red Tab   ZMA™ Market Analyzer (NinjaTrader Users)

Red Tab   ZMA™ RadarScreen (TradeStation Users)

Red Tab   ZMA™ Market Scanner (MultiCharts Users)


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The ZMA Indicator

— Infinite Flexibility and Maximum Adaptability —

ZMA Indicator

The ZMA™ Indicator plots it's moving average value as a line and lets you choose between Price-Based Color-Coding and Slope-Based Color-Coding.  It also includes a special feature that you won’t find with other moving averages — deviation bands (i.e. Bollinger Bands) that allow traders to see if the ZMA is bullish or bearish within an uptrend or downtrend.  These "ZMA Bands" provide an additional layer of trend filtering and trend analysis (more information below).


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The ZMA PaintBar

— Moving Average Color-Coding —

ZMA PaintBar

The ZMA™ PaintBar is a visual aid that color-codes the price bars based on the trend conditions of the ZMA.  You can choose between “Price-Based Color-Coding” or “Slope-Based Color-Coding:


Price-Based Color-Coding

Green Bars = Price Above ZMA

Red Bars = Price Below ZMA


Slope-Based Color-Coding

Green Bars = ZMA Sloping Up (Value Increasing)

Red Bars = ZMA Sloping Down (Value Decreasing)


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Responsiveness and Inertia

— The Science Behind the ZMA™ —



The "Responsiveness" setting controls how reactive the ZMA is to fluctuations in price by controlling how high-frequency and low-frequency “noise” is filtered.

•  Increasing the Responsiveness setting will decrease the amount of lag, allowing the ZMA to change direction and slope more frequently (increases frequency response).

•  Decreasing the Responsiveness setting will make the ZMA less reactive to changes in price, resulting in fewer changes of direction and slope. 

*** A very high Responsiveness setting ( > 95+) will cause the ZMA to track price very closely; effectively ‘overriding’ the length or period setting.

ZMA Responsiveness Comparison

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The "Inertia" setting controls how "energy" is calculated by amplifying the high frequency and low frequency “noise”.  

•  By increasing the Inertia setting, smaller price movements will provide more ‘energy’ to the ZMA.  The cumulative amount of energy that has accrued over “X” amount of bars affects how the ZMA is calculated and plotted.

•  Decreasing the Inertia setting means that smaller price movements are filtered and do not provide much additional energy to the ZMA.

*** A very high Inertia setting (150+) can result in excessive overshoot, in which the ZMA has too much energy and requires more of a price change in order to halt its path of motion.

ZMA Inertia Comparison



ZMA Deviation Bands

— Moving Average Bollinger Bands —


The ZMA includes a special feature that you won’t find with other moving averages — ZMA Deviation Bands (i.e. Bollinger Bands).  They allow you to see if the ZMA is bullish or bearish within an uptrend or downtrend — providing an additional layer of trend filtering and trend analysis using the following guidelines:


Bullish Trend = ZMA is Green and Above or Near Upper Band

Bearish Trend = ZMA is Red and Below or Near Lower Band

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Want to Scan for Signals? It's Easy...

Automated Signal Scanning
— Price Crossovers and Trend Conditions —


The ZMA™ Indicator Package also includes a special "Scanner" Indicator designed to scan for signals and trend conditions using the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner.  And all columns, colors, and text are fully customizable!

As you can see in the screenshots below, using the ZMA with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, or MultiCharts Market Scanner allows you to scan for crossovers and reversals across any list of symbols — in just seconds!


NinjaTrader Market Analyzer - ZMA™ Moving Average

ZMA NinjaTrader Market Analyzer


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TradeStation RadarScreen - ZMA™ Moving Average

ZMA TradeStation Radarscreen


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MultiCharts Market Scanner - ZMA™ Moving Average

ZMA MultiCharts Market Scanner



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ZMA User Guide

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